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Site Update: Security, Lists, Social, and Ads

Posted on September 11th, 2018

It’s been a couple of months since the last post about site updates and you’ve no doubt seen a major change or two.  There’s been a few subtle changes through the website as well, but this post is specifically talking about the security, directory listings, social changes, and ads featured on the site.

Ads like in… math?

Hahaha noooo.  Ads as in advertisements!  As a way of generating revenue to keep the site up and running, there’s a couple of advertising banners placed around the site.

These ads are brought to you by our good friends and globally dominating figure Google.  They are randomly generate.  The content is provided by and processed through Google, and shouldn’t be malicious.  All embedded ads will have a header specifying that they are an advertisement by Google.

All ads placed around the site should not be intrusive.  We are by no means encouraging or enforcing you to click on any of the ads (but if you do come across something that interests you we won’t hold you back :D).

If you’re running an ad-blocking extension or plugin, you’ll be greeted with these images:

Blocking ads? Support our comicDisable your ad blocker

The simplest and cheapest way to support our comic is to exclude running your ad-blocker on our site.  We will really appreciate it as it will help us continue to make comics for your amusement.

There are also promotional banners of other web comics posted through out as well.  These promo banners are powered by Comic Rocket, and like the Google ads, will have a header explicitly stating they are promo ads by Comic Rocket.

Your connection is secure!

HTTP Secure is now accessible through HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, a.k.a. HTTPS.  What does this mean?  Well, according to Wikipedia:

The principal motivation for HTTPS is authentication of the accessed website and protection of the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data while in transit.

Authentication!  Integrity!  Transit!  In short whatever you send or receive from this site won’t be seen or tampered by a third party individual.

Do note that even if you are under a regular HTTP connection that visiting this site is still safe, we don’t ask for or send any personal or private information.

Just file us under ‘m’

It does us no good to create new comics and not have anyone read them.  So we’ve searched the internet, filled out submission forms, and have been listed on several web comic directory listings:

Comic Rocket

Comic Rocket is a crowd-sourced indexing tool for users to find, read, bookmark and share their favourite webcomics. Users maintain reading lists that track their place in the archive of each comic as well as how many pages they have left to read.

The Webcomic List

While not as modern looking as Comic Rocket, The Webcomic List helps you keep track of when your favourite online comics have updated.  They monitor and rank over 25,600 online comics, even allowing webcomics to have button published on their site showing where they currently rank.

The Webcomic List

Top Web Comics

Topwebcomics was one of the very first to bring together the webcomic creators together with fans from around the world.  They rank comics both collectively, as well as by specific genre, on a monthly basis through their voting process.

You can help vote moltoDESTROYED up by clicking here.

The Belfry Webcomic List

The Belfry Webcomic List is a rather dated looking site that allows users to subscribe, favourite, and review various web comics.


Piperka runs a crawler which periodically checks on webcomics to seek for new pages and adds them to its index if it finds any.  It tells you what comics have updated since your last visit and keeps bookmarks for you.  It works as a plain old web comic list and there’s a top list built from user subscriptions too.

Comic Listing

Comic Listing keeps track of updates and changes to web comics you like to read, while suggesting new comics that you might also like.  Registered users can also rate and use other site features.

Out with the old, in with the older

And finally, some sad news.  The discovery and advertisement engine StumbleUpon has shut down in favour of a new discovery platform called Mix.  They currently don’t have an easily integrating share feature and instead rely on browsers extension or plugins.

So instead, we’ve brought back Google+ and they’re easy share feature.  For anyone who uses the Google+ platform, try it out.