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Published on August 31st, 2018
Seriously comic strip

Panel One

Lauren and Emily are in an almost completely empty room, with a very uneven floor.  Lauren had been telling Emily a rather long and detailed story.

“…And that’s why they all call me Dr. Rebel and Mrs. Fly.”

Panel Two

Perplexed by the preposterous conclusion of the story, Emily asks, “They?  Who’s ‘they’?  Who seriously calls you Dr. Rebel and Mrs. Fly?”

Panel Three

“Well…” Lauren says, looking around.  Seeing something behind Emily, Lauren answers.  “Like her over there.”

“Hmm?” Emily murmurs, turning around to see who Lauren is referring to.

Panel Four

Lauren smiles, looking at what she had pointed out.

Emily looks over to Lauren, feeling even more confused.  “That’s just your reflection in the mirror”

Panel Five

An intense close up of Lauren now wearing sunglasses breaks the fourth wall, and a caption pops up over her head.