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Thinking About

Published on January 5th, 2022
Thinking About comic strip

Panel One

“I’m thinking of getting laser eye surgery” an excited Marcellus tells Alex as they stroll through a blank looking Sherwood Forest.

“Oh cool” replies Alex. Having no need to wear glasses, once failed at applying coloured contacts for a halloween costume, and never had needed corrective eye surgery, Alex couldn’t contribute any kind of advice or suggestion.

But Alex did have a fascination with lasers, and so was intrigued. “What brought this on?”

Panel Two

“I was talking to Jack the other day” Marcellus began, referring to his little yellow friend.

Alex, who was quite familiar with Jack, looked over to Marcellus with modest apprehension as Marcellus continued. “And he was telling about this procedure called ‘hindsight’”.

Panel Three

“Apparently it will make and keep your vision at twenty twenty” Marcellus concludes with a touch of shock and awe.

A now visibly worried Alex looks over to Marcellus, responding “I don’t think that’s how that works”.