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How Nervous

Published on May 9th, 2021
How Nervous comic strip

Panel One

Garret was busying himself with information on the current events happening in and around the world. He was aware of Chelsea, and how she was pacing around the room, but didn’t think much of it.

After finishing an article on the rapidly increase annoyance the pigeon population is causing on the general public, he focused his attention back to Chelsea. He noticed the apprehensive expression she had on her face, and decided to investigate.

“What’s going on Chelsea?” Garret inquired. "I have an incredibly important meeting with a client in 5 minutes.” Chelsea responded disquietly. “I can’t believe how nervous I am” she exclaimed while walking back and forth as Garret looked on.

Suddenly, Chelsea stopped in place with a queasy expression on her face. She looked up at Garret, “I have butterflies in my stomach!”

Panel Two

Garret sighed, looked back at Chelsea and remarked, “Maybe you shouldn’t have eaten those butterflies before your meeting then.”

Reminiscing the flavour of steamed butterflies, the bilious look Chelsea was making melted into a satisfying smile as she declared, “But they tasted so good!”