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Entire Time

Published on February 21st, 2021
Entire Time comic strip

Panel One

“I envy my bottom.”  A dreary looking Sebastian says after coming up to Jack.  Noticing the bags in Sebastian’s eyes, Jack enquires “Why’s that?”

Panel Two

“Starting at seven in the morning” Sebastian begins, “I sat through a five hour lecture on the fundamental neural sources of feelings, and the conceptual framework for studying emotional systems of the brain.”

Like a deer staring into headlights, Jack was unresponsive.  He was sure he knew what those words meant, but at the moment couldn’t process what Sebastian was talking about.  Jack attempted to keep a straight face and look on keenly.

Panel Three

“I did everything I could to stay awake and alert during this class” Sebastian wraps up.  Jack chuckles as he understands what he meant about being envious.  Sebastian concludes “But my bottom was asleep the entire time.”