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Even Better

Published on October 4th, 2020
Even Better comic strip

Panel One

“Hey Lauren” called out an excited Butters, getting Lauren’s attention who looked on at Butters inquisitively.

“Wanna try out these new virtual reality glasses I’m helping Hamilton develop?”  “Sure”  Lauren replied, having nothing better to do.

Panel Two

Lauren examined the glasses for a little bit.  Then she shut her eyes, brought the glasses towards her head, and slipped them on her face.  As she opened her eyes and gave them the time necessary for them to readjust, she let out an alarming and emphatic “WHOA!”

Panel Three

Lauren was looking around in amazement, eventually stopping on Butters.  She began to manically wave her arms infant of her.  “Everything is so real and life like” she exclaimed, “It’s as if you’re standing right in front of me!”

Butters raised an eyebrow and stared through Lauren’s arms movements unamused.  He informed her in a calm yet dry tone, “Works even better if you turn the device on.”