Why Kids

Why Kids

Panel One

C.C. is happily idling alone a top of a small hill.  She hears a voice of excitement off in the distance.  “I’ve done it!” The voice begins to bellow.  “After all these years I’ve finally done it!”

Panel Two

As the voice moves closer, C.C. pays closer attention, trying to figure out the individual behind the vocals.

“I’ve successfully figured out why kids love the satisfying savouriness of Sugar Stacie’s Silly Suckers!”

Panel Three

Lo’ and behold, Hamilton enters the frame with overwhelming exuberance.  “Eureka!  Eureka!” He proclaims.

C.C., only now having figured out who’s been behind this buzz, says abruptly, “No Hamilton.”  and in the most sincere and unashamed tone says, “my name is actually pronounced C.C.”