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The Following

Published on January 15th, 2019

Panel One

“Hey Jack!” Cassandra says as she rushes up to him, excited about a new study she is working on. She asks, “Want to help me out with this quick survey?”

Not to be dismissive when it comes to easily helping someone out, Jack replies “If it’s quick, sure!”

“Great!” Cassandra glees, and immediately gets into the survey. “Question one: What is your background?”

“I am Lemon.” Jack answers, enjoying the simplicity of the question.

Panel Two

Five minutes pass as Cassandra continues with the survey.

“Question forty-six: answer the following question with either yes or no. Do you enjoy having uninterrupted sleep, and intense moments of panic attacks?”

“Ye…” Jack was about to respond quickly, but having given the question a bit more of a thought hesitantly answers “N-no?”

Panel Three

Twenty-four minutes have now passed, and Cassandra shows no signs of slowing down. Jack on the other hand…

“Question two-hundred and twelve: if you could be any kind of unicorn, what kind of unicorn would you be?”

Dumbfounded by the question, and the amount of time that has passed, Jack could only manage a confused noise. “Uhhh…..”

Panel Four

Two hours have now passed, and Jack is looking dead from all the questions. A cheery Cassandra tells him, “C’mon Jack, stop fooling around.”

“We are almost half-way through.”