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Other Hand

Published on November 2nd, 2019
Other Hand comic strip

Panel One

“It’s a tricky subject” Hamilton proclaims, strolling along side Iggy but not exactly speaking to him.  “Of course we shouldn’t be promoting a negative way of looking at, or living with one another.”

Hamilton paused, conjuring up an axiom while Iggy looked on.  “As individuals grow and change within society, it would be ideal if society can grow and change harmoniously with the individual.”

Panel Two

“On the other hand” he continued, “to restrict thoughts or discussions will reduce innovation and progress from advancing and improving ourselves, and our future.” 

Iggy was beginning to feel rattled while Hamilton tone became more remorse.  “It limits one’s ability to expand and express what is inside of them, leading to damaging kinds of repression.”

An eerie silence swept the two of them.  They continued on with their journey as Hamilton was lost in his thoughts.  It was only after he noticed the absence of sound that he thought to ask Iggy, “What do you think?”

Panel Three

“Well, if you ask me” Iggy replied, in a smug yet childish voice.  Iggy tried to hide his nervousness, but Hamilton could tell by his tone he wasn’t fully on board with the topic.

Hamilton stopped moving and had let out a sigh of regret for even asking Iggy the question.  “I think wisdom teeth are pretty stupid” Iggy concluded.