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Published on January 3rd, 2020
DYK III comic strip

Panel One

In the vast southern countryside, on a ruthlessly dry summer day, a cherrie sounding C.C. came up behind Chelsea and asks “Did you know”.

Chelsea, who wasn’t expecting anyone, let alone C.C., turns around with an inquisitive expression on her face.

Panel Two

“‘Papa’ in Spanish,” C.C. explains, “translates to ‘Potato’ in English”.

Chelsea, who could interpret maybe three words of Spanish to English, looks at C.C. with a bit of puzzlement over this new bit of knowledge, as it seems unusual to bring up and share.

C.C. then follows up this information with a bit of trivia. “Do you know what ‘Mama’ translates into?” Having had been unaware that Papa translates into Potato, and being rather suspicious of her as she never heard her speak Spanish before, Chelsea just stares blankly and befuddled at C.C.

Panel Three

A moment of silence fell between the two. Then a revelatory smile began to creep across Chelsea’s face, as C.C. answers with beaming delight, “‘Sweet Potato’”.