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Don’t Think

Published on April 26th, 2020
Don't Think comic strip

Panel One

Pierre is standing by a window, pensively looking outside.  "Hey Pierre!" yells out Iggy while coming up from behind.  Feeling joyful and rather energetic, he asks "Wanna go outside and play some Shinny?"

Panel Two

"I don't think that's such a good idea."  Pierre replies cautiously, still focused on the outdoors.  "Why's that?"  Iggy curiously asks while moving closer to the window.

"There are some nasty looking clouds outside."  Iggy peers through the window, trying to understand what Pierre is talking about.

Panel Three

Through the window there's an open field.  The wind was blowing a gentle breeze, with grass ruffling along the ground.  The subtle sounds of nature could be heard.  It was bright, with the comfortable temperature of 22 degrees.

Iggy then looked upwards, and saw a cumulus of fluffy white clouds hovering above.  Each of them looked down at the building, and even through Pierre and Iggy's window with a disgruntled expression on their faces.  After a few seconds, the largest of the bunch bellowed out in a fierce tone, "What are you looking at!?"