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OK There

Published on November 18th, 2018
OK There comic strip

Panel One

Loitering around Stacie’s Pretty Precious Pet Shop, Jack hears a commonly made sound.  “Ah-Choo!” blows Lauren.  A moment of irritation in her nostrils caused a sudden involuntary expulsion of air to come from her nose and mouth.

“Gesundheit.”  Jack joyfully comments, wishing good health to Lauren while knowing next to nothing about the German language.

Panel Two

A quick moment came and went before Lauren let out another sneeze.  “Haa-Chooo!!”

“Bleshoo!” Says Jack, now stumbling with articulating his English words properly.

Panel Three

“Haa…. Aahhh…. Hhaaaa….” Lauren lets out with squinted eyes, breathing in more and more air after each pause.

“Ok there” Jack responds slowly, raising an eye brow.  Feeling that Lauren is now exaggerating her current situation, “That’s enough”.

Aside from the variety of noises emanating within the store, there suddenly became a moment of silence between the two fruits.

Panel Four

“-CHOOOO!!!” Lauren suddenly erupts, with a thunderous sternutation from her lungs.

Jack quickly retorts with an equally loud tone.  “Shut up already!”