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An Idea

Published on May 8th, 2018

Panel One

Butters enters an almost empty white room in a panic and cries out “I’ve messed up!”

Slightly concerned, and being the sole reason the room wasn’t completely empty, Iggy asks. “How so?”

“I have an assignment due tomorrow and I haven’t even started!”

Without a moments hesitation, “I have an idea” says Iggy.

Panel Two

“What you should do is dress up as half a pickle” Iggy explains, speaking as though from personal experience while Butters listens on concerned and ambivalent.

He continues, “Then, when you enter the room and your superior asks you ‘What is going on?’, you can say…” and he paused for the briefest of moments.

Panel Three

Butters sighs in a great disappointment while Iggy finishes his idea in a tremendous triumph,

“I’m in a bit of a pickle!!”