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Didn’t Forget

Published on November 11th, 2018
Didn't Forget comic strip

Panel One

Emily bursts into a foyer where, aside from a smiling Iggy, is nearly empty.  Iggy’s birthday is in a couple of days and he’s currently on the look out for a place to celebrate.

“Hey Iggy!  In case I forget,” Emily says with glee, “I want to wish you an early happy birthday!” 

Panel Two

“Thanks Emily,” Iggy replies.  “But you didn’t forget,” he continues as he begins chuckling to himself, “you just wished me an early happy birthday”.

Emily’s joy dampens to a curious expression as she stares rather blankly at Iggy.

Panel Three

Iggy continues to look on at Emily with a smile, as Emily eyes Iggy rather unamused.

Panel Four

A surprised and startled Iggy drops his jaw as Emily asks him, “Did you not want to live long enough to celebrate your birthday?  Cause that’s what you say when you don’t want to live long enough to celebrate your birthday.”