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What A Waste

Published on August 10th, 2018
What A Waste comic strip

Panel One

Garret had burst into a glossy white room made from what appeared to be porcelain, or perhaps pearl.  Jack, who had been waiting around for balloon to show up, directed his attention towards the excited carrot.

“I can’t believe this!” He proclaims with glee.  “After more than four long years of hard work and dedication, my sensei is finally awarding me a black belt!”

Panel Two

“Four years!?” Replies Jack.  “Wow.”  Completely baffled with what he had just heard.  He continues quite callously.  “What a waste of your time.”  Garret’s cheery mood quickly turned into concern.

Panel Three

Looking down at Jack with contempt, Garret’s concern transformed into a quiet rage.

“There is yearly three for five special down at Montie’s Belt Emporium”  Jack says with a subtle sense of snobbish arrogance.  “Fifty bucks could have saved yourself a lot of time.”