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Comfort Zone

Published on September 19th, 2021
Comfort Zone comic strip

Panel One

On what seems like a typical Tuesday afternoon, Garret approaches a lackadaisical, but still affable Lauren.  Skipping over any cordial small talk, Garret announces “I’ve decided to venture out of my comfort zone, and eat some rather exotic animals.”

Lauren, not exactly renowned for being a carnivore, kept civility and let Garret continue.  “So far I’ve had some alligator, and kangaroo”

Panel Two

“And goat, and elephant, and hippopotamus, and buffalo”.  Lauren’s expression changes to a mix of uneasiness due to the unending list of various creatures, confusion, as she never thought of goat being exotic, and curiosity, as she began to wonder where Garret could have acquired kangaroo and hippopotamus.  “And bear, and camel, and seal”

Panel Three

Garret finally came to the end of his list, or at least had finished spouting off all the wild animals he could recall.  Lauren held her tongue for a moment, believing Garret had more to say on the subject, but he simply just stood there with a small sense of pride over the diversity of his dinner menu.

Lauren softly asked, “Were you just eating animal crackers?”  Garret lowered his head slowly and responded in disappointment.  “None of them tasted like chicken”.