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That’s Everything

Published on October 4th, 2018
That's Everything comic strip

Panel One

“Hey Cassandra” says Pierre, seeing her sitting alone.  Cassandra, looking rather melancholy, looks back at Pierre as he entered the monotonously white room.

With a positive enthusiasm, Pierre asks, “What’s good?”

Panel Two

With a disheartened attitude, Cassandra begins to let what was on her mind out.

“I haven’t been sleeping well” She explains, as Pierre looks on inquisitively.  “I broke my phone, and my job is stressing me out.”

Panel Three

“Gee” Pierre proclaims, looking rather disappointed with what he just heard.  Cassandra looks on a little more alarmed.

“If that’s everything that’s good,” Pierre continues drearily, “Then I’d hate to know what’s wrong.”