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Published on October 11th, 2018
DYK II comic strip

Panel One

C.C. and Iggy are standing across from each other in a medium sized, ivory white enclosure.

C.C. eagerly asks Iggy, “Did you know”.

Panel Two

“That cola beverages contain more fruit,” she continues. “than lemon-lime, or orange flavoured drinks?”

“What??” Iggy blurts out, completely flabbergasted by C.C.’s claim.

Panel Three

Thinking over about C.C.’s proclamation for a few seconds, Iggy doesn’t believe it to be true.  He begins to look more sharply at C.C. and sternly retorts, “you’re full of bologna!”

C.C., without skipping a beat, cheerfully responds, “Actually, it’s a cream filling.”