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So Lucky

Published on June 27th, 2018
So Lucky comic strip

Panel One

An ecstatic Sebastian bursts into a cloud-white foyer. He exclaims, “I found five bucks in an old pair of pants today!”

Alex, who had been idling alone, pleasantly replies, "Lucky you."

Panel Two

"Yeah..." Sebastian’s voice hesitantly trails off. Keeping in a beaming spirit however, he concludes, "Not so lucky for Garret though."

"Oh?" Alex wonders aloud.  "Why's that?"

Panel Three

Sebastian laughs as Alex looks on indifferently.  "He was wearing those pants when I found the money."

Suddenly a faint yet volcanic voice erupts off in the distance.  "I want my money back Sebastian!!"

As Sebastian turns in the direction of the far-off voice, he gleefully shouts, "Finders keepers Garret!!"