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Sign Up

Published on September 21st, 2018
Sign Up comic strip

Panel One

Emily runs up to Garret, who is idling around a hallway inside of The Montague Bartholomew’s Institute of Higher Education.

“I’ve decided to sign up for a French class this semester.” Emily says with joy.  She was having a difficult time choosing between either their French, or Spanish class.

She had been fascinated by various languages through out the world.  Having only known English her entire life, she was determined to become fluent in at least one other language, with hopes of being able to speak several other ones as well.

“I’m also going to be learning about Latin in my Linguistics course.” She added.

Panel Two

“Oh yeah?”  Garret said with a smile.  “I’m going to be studying a couple of different languages too!”

“Really?” Emily was surprised by Garret’s response.  She never thought Garret would be interested in learning a new language, let alone a couple. 

“Which ones?”  She asked, wishfully thinking that if it was either of the languages she was studying they could practice and help each other out. 

Panel Three

Emily’s cheery anticipation dropped as she looked at Garret with dead eyes and a frumpy expression on her face.

With his own sense of joy, Garret had responded, “Ruby, Python, and Javascript.”